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This is a brand new website for Farcroft antiques restoration, a UK wide antique restoation service established in 1968. We have just completed the first stage of the website, which will be formerly launched sometime in mid May 2010. We are currently collating examples of work that Farcroft have carried out, including musical intrument, furniture, clock & watch, ceramics, wood floors and paintings & frames repair and restoration.

We are now carrying out search engine optimisation to ensure that Farcroft's site appears high up the search engines so as to generate the optimum amount of visitors and therefore conversions to sale.

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"Thanks to Set for the Net for the help you have given in setting up our website. We are sure this site will be just as successful as our ceramics restoration and wood floor websites."
Shane Clarke, Farcroft

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Here's what Farcroft have to say...

"It is a pleasure to work with you Martin. When work is ordered it is always carried out quickly and in a professional manner."

"We have picked up work from all over the UK thanks to the search engine optimisation, which you carried out on our websites."

"We look forward to working more with you in the future."

Sadie Clarke, Farcroft


Farcroft are an experienced restoration company formed in 1968. They not only work for the general public, restoring antiques and contemporary items alike, but have also worked extensively for insurance companies and museums.

Farcroft have teams of professional restorers each dedicate to various disciplines including ceramics, paintings & frames, wood floors, musical instruments, and furniture restoration.

The company also offers a full service to alleviate the effects of fire, flood or accidental damage on high-value and everyday items alike, giving guaranteed workmanship on all restoration carried out.