Events, collecting & school admissions specialists

Set for the Net Limited is a web company specialising in event promotion, collecting (including cataloguing, sales of antiques and ceramics repair) and also in help and advice for school admissions and appeals. We work closely with other experts inclusing Just Say Net Limited and Words & Stuff.


We are expert in promoting events and have excellent search engine rankings and visitor volumes to prove it. We started off promoting Art deco fairs, which was a hobby of mine, and then we went on to build other events websites including coins, stamps, beads, craft, vintage theme and most prolifically wedding fairs. We will shortly be launching local events and antique fairs sites under our brand name 'Events Ferret'.

Charity Events

We are excited by our latest Events Ferret project which concentrates on charity events. If you or someone you know is organising a charity event then please ensure the event is listed on our Charity Events website.

Plumpy The Dog Books

Find out what's happening in the world of Plumpy The Dog - a great new children's character created by Mark Seward. The books are available to buy here: Plumpy The Dog Children's Books.

School Admissions & Appeals

We are pleased to announce that we have recently won funding from the Cabinet Office in a competition against over 500 other websites for our innovative schools application, SchoolGuru school admissions & appeals, which we run in conjunction with Catherine Bassindale and Lindsay Robertson of Words & Stuff. SchoolGuru Hertfordshire and SchoolGuru Kent helps parents find the best schools for their children. The parents who use the website are motivated, educated and affluent, making intelligent decisions about their children’s education.

The SchoolGuru website has generated positive media attention and a number of local authorities and officials have also shown interest. We have been featured in the Daily Mirror, a number of local newspapers and have also appeared on BBC2's 'The Daily Politics'. Our search results are also quite healthy - we get over 2,000 unique visitors making over 3,000 visits to our website every month.