Art Deco

Set for the Net has a special interest in Art Deco, both from a business and pleasure point of view. We run the Myott Collectors Club (Art Deco ceramics of the nineteen thirties) for instance and one of our earliest websites was for John Slade from Take Five Fairs, one of the country's leading Art Deco fairs organisers.


Overlapping with and then following on from the Art Nouveau movement came the Art Deco style of the nineteen twenties and thirties. With a more geometric and streamlined approach, Deco forged an era with many manufactured goods emulating the styles developed by the artists of the time. Architecture, cinema and music were all affected during this heady age of jazz. Though difficult to set a particular start for this ‘modern’ trend as it became known, by around 1910 significant advances had been made by major contributors to the new crisp appearance of Art Deco. Though the actual coining of the phrase Art Deco didn't happen until 1966 the consensus is that is derived from the Paris exhibition of 1925, L'exposition des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels. Like Nouveau, Art Deco has its roots in France.

Some of our Art Deco websites...

Art Deco Fairs

This is a website which we run as a single point of call for the Art Deco community for a calendar of Art Deco Fairs. The website is owned by Set for the Net Ltd. and Just Say Net Ltd. and lists editorial for the UK's leading Art Deco fairs organisers including Take Five Fairs, Abbey Fairs, Odeon Fairs, Decofairs, Decorative Fairs, Spirit of the Age, Nelson Events and English Heritage who hold a fair at the famous Eltham Palace. On the home page of the website is a list of all the Art Deco fairs in the country listed in alphabetical order. There are details of the event organisers as well as the actual locations. At these events you will expect to find all sorts of items from the 1920s and 30s as well as retro pieces from the 1970s.

Take Five Fairs

Take Five Fairs is one of our earliest Art Deco based websites. We run and promote the site for fair organiser John Slade who has many years of organising such events. John runs Art Deco fairs at Woking Leisure Centre in Surrey and also at Twickenham Harlequins Rugby Ground. As well as John's regular Art Deco events he also holds flea and collectors markets where modern items, as well as antiques are sold by standing dealers. Once again Woking is the venue with a new venue at Brighton Racecourse.

Vintage Arts

Vintage Arts is a website run by a group of friends who occasionally sell off items from their collections to fund new purchases. You will generally find a lot of art deco for sale on the site.